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Hygienic Quality Assessment of Food Products

Food Microbiological and Chemical Testings

  1. Conduct microbiological, contaminant and heavy metal tests
  2. Identify sources of contamination
  3. Recommend methods for rectification

Dr FONG Lai Ying, Vicki

Co-operated with Food and Environmental Health Department (HK Government)

Provide Short Course Training in 'Basic Food Hygiene for Hygiene Manager'

Offer in-service training for food caterers

Dr FONG Lai Ying, Vicki

Food Premises Inspection for Catering Sectors

Food Auditing and Production Modification

  1. Re-structure the production flow
  2. Set up the monitoring system for manufacturer
  3. Establish personal and kitchen hygiene guidelines

Dr FONG Lai Ying, Vicki

Product Research and Development

Food Recipes Modification and Technical Problems in Processing

  1. Application of additives and selection of replacer
  2. Trial production with revised recipes
  3. Sensory assessment of tested products

Dr FONG Lai Ying, Vicki