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Welcome to this website designed to provide an overview of testing and certification (T & C) programmes and services in VTC which are mainly offered in the areas of Chinese medicine, food, environmental protection, toys, furniture, electrical appliances, construction materials, jewellery, and garment and textiles. Testing and Certification is one of the six industries identified by the Government as having distinct advantages for development. The VTC, being the largest vocational education and professional development group in Hong Kong, is committed to meeting the industry’s manpower demands.

Taking reference of the recommendations of the Report of the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification, the relevant academic disciplines collaborate and work in close partnership with the industry to coordinate a range of customised programmes at different level for both pre-employment and in-service training. These programmes are designed with an aim to meeting the training requirements and in particular, short courses are developed from time to time to equip practitioners with the necessary technical skills to meet urgent industry needs. Seminars and workshops will also be organised on new trends in technology and regulatory requirements. To maximise the use of the state-of-the-art facilities, our staff also very welcome requests from the industry for consultancy services. You are most welcome to contact our staff for questions and suggestions.